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I believe that self-care is a conscious, loving, and essential ingredient to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. This recognition became ever so clear to me during my time as a live-in caregiver for my aging parents.

Entering this role with noble ideals of conscious caregiving, I found myself grappling with the stark reality of an immensely demanding caregiving situation. As caregivers, we share a universal truth: the needs of our family members are often boundless, yet our ability to give is finite.

But amidst these shared struggles of caregiving, a profound question emerged: What if it didn't have to be this way? What if, instead of being consumed by the relentless demands of caregiving, we could learn to give from a place of self-inclusive caring? What if this journey, often characterized by overwhelm and exhaustion, could be transformed into one of the most empowering and fulfilling experiences of our lives?

What I discovered, is that this opportunity is inherent in the task. In order to overcome my own struggles (ongoing triggers and progressive health challenges) and step into higher functioning and possibilities in my own life, I called upon diverse natural healing approaches that are familiar to me as a holistic healer, but which I had never combined in this way before. I played with several facets such as meditation, growth mindset, inner child work, coaching, and breath, movement & sound therapy. These transformative practices guided me through some pretty intense physical and emotional challenges, leading me to a healthier and empowered place of open-hearted ease, love, and appreciation.

The caregiving challenges I experienced also echoed in the stories of numerous heart-centered, growth-oriented women I’ve had the privilege of working with. In my recognition of the essential need for self-care, I've combined my background in Chiropractic, natural self-healing practices, and Women-Centered Coaching & Leadership. My healing work with hundreds of people over the years has been an integration of several masters I’ve studied with, and to them, I am eternally grateful. My unique body of work has been informed by prominent leaders such as Grand Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qigong healing), Dr. Claire Zammit (Feminine Power), Dr. Sue Morter (The Energy Codes), Craig Hamilton (Awakening Meditation), and Jonathan Goldman (sound healing), along with the support and partnership of my beloved husband of 30-plus years, Dr. Ron Stotts (Transformational Leadership). Embodying their wisdom and teachings has allowed me to create a holistic, repeatable approach to bring about lasting transformation change in the way we care for and relate to ourselves. This, of course, then also translates to how effectively we are able to care for and provide leadership for others.

At CarolStotts.com, we embark on a transformative journey where caregiving is redefined as a self-inclusive and reflective practice, resulting in empowerment and fulfillment. My vision is to guide you in giving from an overflowing cup, where your well-being becomes a sustaining force for everyone involved. My highest intention is to walk alongside you on this journey, supporting you every step of the way.

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